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GPM2.1 Low Voltage Withdrawable MCC Switchgear

Short Description:

The GPM2.1 low-voltage drawer switchgear adopts standard modules and is factory-assembled low-voltage drawer switchgear. It is suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated working voltage ≤ 660V, and the power supply and distribution systems rated current 6300A and below, are used for electric energy distribution, conversion, control and reactive power compensation.

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Structure Overview

GPM2.1 cabinet frame is made of high-quality aluminum-zinc-coated steel plate or high-quality cold-rolled steel plate to be bent into parts, which are connected to each other by self-tapping lock screws or hexagonal screws, and then add corresponding doors according to the needs of program changes, sealing plates, partitions, mounting brackets, busbars, functional units and other components are assembled into a complete device. The size of the components in the device and the compartment size are modularized (modulus unit E=25mm). As a new generation of low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, it has the following characteristics:
1. The structure is reasonable and the technical level is high. The rated current carrying capacity, breaking capacity and dynamic thermal stability of GPM2.1 switchgear are higher than other types of low-voltage switchgear, and it is easy to maintain, safe and reliable.
2. Good protection performance. GPM2.1 is a fully isolated switchgear, the internal compartment meets the requirements of IEC439-1 "Form 3b"or "Form 4b" as ordering, and the enclosure protection grade is IP3X, IP31, IP32, IP4X, IP41, IP42, IP43, IP5X, IP54 as ordering.
3. The interlock is reliable. GPM2.1's anti-misoperation interlock is jointly completed by the circuit breaker operating handle mechanism and the drawer position mechanical interlocking operating mechanism. Its design is accurate and logical, which can effectively prevent various possible misoperations and can be used with the operation mode to flexibly realize interlocking between cabinets.
4. There are many plans and it is complete and easy to combine. GPM2.1 takes 8E as the basic unit, and the functional units are 8E/4, 8E/2, 6E, 8E, 12E, 16E, 24E, 32E, 72E. At most 36 functional units can be arranged in one MCC cabinet, and it can be realized. The mixed installation of PC and MCC provides favorable conditions for reducing the number of cabinets and flexibly selecting solutions.
GPM2.1 low-voltage drawer switchgear is a control device with advanced technology, stable performance, reasonable structure, convenient use, safe and reliable. It has been widely used in power supply and distribution systems such as power generation, construction, steel, cement, mining, and petrochemical.

GPM2.1 Drawer Unit System Structure Device


GPJG8(H) Propulsion mechanism panel


GPSL-2 Hand-pulling mechanism panel


GPSL-1 Propulsion mechanism panel


Separate position panel padlock function (safety maintenance)


GPCF-Z/3 Intelligent communication connector


GPM2.1 Drawer module unit system


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