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12/24/40.5kV VCB Chassis

Short Description:

The chassis is mainly for withdrawable switchgear equipment as installing the circuit breakers, transformers and other components, to pushed in and withdraw, as auxiliary operations of components connected with the bus. When the internal structure of chassis and circuit breakers working together with other interlocks of the cabinet to meet IEC62271-100/GB3906 “Five Safety” interlock requirements, specific functions are as follows:

1. Handcart only in test / disconnected or working position, the circuit breaker can switch on, and after the circuit breaker switches on, the handcart cannot move, so as to prevent the situation of misconnection the isolating contacts when on load.

2. The handcart in the working position or leave the test / disconnected position about 10mm, earthing switch cannot switch on, to prevent misconnection the earthing switch when on live.

3. When the earthing switch is closed, the handcart cannot move from the test / isolated position to the working position, to prevent the earthing switch in the closing position to closing the circuit breaker.

4. After the chassis into the cabinet, once it leave the test / isolated position, the handcart cannot be withdrawn from the cabinet.

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40.5kv Chassis /feeding Mechanism

This feeding mechanism is the accessories for 40.5 switchgear, for feeding the movable parts of 40.5 series circuit breaker, isolation handcarts and trolleys.


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