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Indicators And Energy Meter

Short Description:

The voltage presence indicating system is comprised of voltage indicator and high voltage insulator to indicate electriferous status of high voltage circuitry. The voltage indicator with interlocking function can interlock high voltage electrical equipment to prevent any dangerous operation entering into the electriferous spacing .

Product Detail

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Type Description

Type Item Display method Power Locking single Locking double contact Insert Self  Dimension Cutting size Figure
check contact check
Builtin type GPXN-Q Key-press - 96×48×88 91×44 3
GPXN-T Key-press 96×48×55 91×44 3
Swg. GPXN1-Q Brightness - - 96×48×88 91×44 1
GPXN1-T Brightness - 96×48×55 91×44 1
GPXN4-Q Key-press - - 144×48×104 138×44 4
GPXN4-T Key-press - 144×48×104 138×44 4
GPXN5-Q Key-press - - 96×48×88 91×44 2
GPXN5-T Key-press - 96×48×55 91×44 2
One Insulator with 2 Indicators GPXN4-Q/M Key-press - - 144×48×104 138×44 4
GPXN4-T/M Key-press - 144×48×104 138×44 4
GPXN4-T/Z Key-press 144×48×104 138×44 4
Special Type GPXN1-Q/CS Brightness - - - 96×48×88 91×44
GPXNP1-Q/W Brightness - - - 96×48×88 91×44 1
GPXN-Q/LCS Brightness - - 96×48×88 91×44 3

Voltage Indicator Used in Ring Main Unit

The voltage indicator is used together with insulator to indicate electriferous state of the voltage circuitry.
The continuous voltage detector GPXN9-C is used with indicator to indicate the electriferous state. The hole distance of the power-check terminal is 14mm or 19mm.
Phase comparator GPXN-C is used with indicator to indicate the electriferous state of high-voltage circuitry and check phase sequence of electrical equipment.
Power-check: phase comparator insert into the earthing or the other terminals of the high-voltage equipment.
Phase-check: phase comparator insert into the same phase power-check terminal of two high-voltage equipment, if the LED light is bright, it shows that the testing phase having power supply.


Position Indicator

Position indicator can simulate the operating position and condition of switch apparatus like switch and circuit breaker in electric system. It is extensively used on all kinds of mimic board of central control room and panel of switchgear in power plant, power station and transformer station. This serial of position indicators have high reliability,wide range of working voltage and long lifespan. DC and AC are available for usage.


Technical Parameters

Rated voltage

DC/AC 98V~242V

Luminous intensity

>40 cd/㎡

Power frequency withstand voltage


Insulation resistance


Power dissipation


Operating temperature

-15℃ to +50℃


>10 years

Display function

Working condition is indicated with red/green color and graphics(As customers’ option)

Outline dimension:


Cutting size:


Model Description
GPWZ25-K/2 Position Indicator-Circuit-Breaker
GPWZ25-E/1 Position Indicator-Earthing Switch
GPWZ25-B/2 Position Indicator-Handling Truck
GPWZ25-B/1 Position Indicator-Disconnector
GPWZ25-K/1 Position indicator-Three position Switch

Position Indicating Screen GPAS-72

The GPAS-72 serial position indicating screen adopts LED as the light source, with low energy consumption, high reliability, long service life, etc. And it can be applied to all kinds of switchgears as position indicating screen with different system diagram solutions. With so many functions of phase-voltage indication, interlock, temperature & humidity control, handcart position indication, circuit breaker status indication, earth switch status indication, stored energy indication. It is the good choice to replace the traditional single switch state position indicator.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage

AC/DC 110V/220V

Power frequency withstand


Work environment

-25℃ to 55 ℃, ≤90%RH

Analog indicator light luminance


Working life

10 years

Protection level




Cutting size



Technical ParametersGpj-3100 Series Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator

The GPJ-3100 series of short circuit and earth fault indicator is designed for testing and indicating short circuit and earth fault in real time. It is applied to monitor circuitry in RMU, overhead line, power cable distribution line, box-type transformer and other similar places. According to alarm signal showed by indicator, workers can figure out and cut off fault area rapidly when short circuit or earth fault occurring in the circuitry, so the system can recover supplying power for non-fault area promptly to save time and enhance efficiency.


Technical Data

1. Short circuit alarming current: 100A to 1000A time delay 40ms
2. Earthing alarming current: 20A,30A,40A,50A,60A±10% time delay 40ms
3. Temperature range : -25 to +70 ℃
4. Humidity range: ≦95%
5. Earth lead length : 4m
6. Conduct optical fiber length 3.5m
7. Power supply: lithium battery 3.6V/2.45Ah
8. Auto-reset time : 7s,2hrs,4hrs,8hrs
9. Output relay : 120 V AC 1A, 30V DC 2A
10.Main controller dimension : 95x50x80mm
11.Cutting hole size : 91x44 mm
12.Protection class : Main Controller :IP40, Sensor:IP65

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