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MNS Low Voltage Withdrawable MCC Switchgear

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GPM1 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is ABB’s advanced low-voltage switchgear technology.

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GPM1 Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

GPM1 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is ABB's advanced low-voltage switchgear technology.
GPM1 is a modular, multi-functional low voltage distribution cabinet in the world more than 40 years of operating history, widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, industrial and mining enterprises, and infrastructure for all occasions that require high reliability low-voltage systems, power distribution and motor control systems.
This device is a standard module factory assembled modular low-voltage switchgear for AC 50-60Hz, rated working voltage 600V and below power system for power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption control of the equipment used.
GPM1 cabinet has highly flexible, can be installed in a variety of models and specifications of components according to specific needs and different occasions. Alternatively, you can depending on the various types of electrical equipment feeding unit mounted in the same column or the same cabinet as feeder circuits and motor control circuits can be mixed together.
GPM1 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is a full range of low-voltage switchgear, low-voltage system is suitable for all rated current 5000A or less.
Drawers: 8E/4, 8E/2, 8E, 12E, 16E, 20E, 24E for cabinet plan and various options.


Sectional Functional Assembly

Sectional type multi-function busbar plastic channel is assembled between the main circuit room and electric room.
Made by hot and shaped engineering material. It has the features of anti-fire, strong, high intense and high anti-impulse and the functions of effectively avoiding the switch accidents caused by short circuit between arc and main circuit raised by malfunction.
Its rated voltage is 380V (660V), and rated peak electricity current is 176KA, and the rated short period electricity current is 50kA~80kA (1s). Sectional multi-function busbar channel plate (5GP 742 001) is integrated by 9 middle ends, 2 channel ends, rubber gasket strip and pad. It can also realize the mix installation of PC cabinet and MCC cabinet. If replacing the upper channel end with a separating plate, it will be adopted in the 600 width MCC rear outgoing withdrawable switchgear.
This products made by highly strong materials and mainly used in fixing 50mm×30mm×5mm L type vertical main circuit.


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